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Specification of AeroTape

Aerotape is a flexible and self adhering
foam tape and is made from the same high
quality EPDM material that our Aerocel and
Aerocel-CG closed cell insulation is made from.

Aerotape is ideal for wrapping hot and cold
pipe, tubing and fittings. Aerotape is easy to use.
Aerotape is designed to prevent heat gain, heat loss
and prevent frost and condensation from forming on
chilled water tubing, refrigeration lines, and above
ambient mechanical systems.

Aerotape adheres firmly to all metal surfaces and
is coated with selected acrylic pressure sensitive
adhesive providing long service life.

Aerotape is 1/8” thick, 2” wide and 30' long. Each roll is
individually packed and then packed in master cartons
of 12 rolls per carton.

Physical Properties
Composition: EPDM Closed cell
elastomeric thermal
insulation. Same material as
our Aerocel tube & sheet.
Color: Black
Density: 3 to 6 lbs. per cubic ft.
ASTM D 1667
Thermal conductivity: .245 btu. in./ft2 hr. at 75° F
ASTM C 177/C 518
Water absorption: .3% by weight
ASTM C 209
Water vapor permeability: .03 perm-inch
Temperature range: -70° F to 180° F

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