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Specification of Glasswool Insulation Board

Categories Glasswool Insulation Glasswool Board Description: Sinroad Is A Silk Material-Such As Those Made By Fiberization In The TEL Process And Spraying Of Thermosetting Resins. By Further Deep Processing Of Thermal Setting, This Material Can Be Made Into A Series Of Multi-purpose Products Fuerda. It Features Many Advantages: It Is Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, And Resistant To Corrosion; Have Low Humidity Levels And Good Hydrophobicity. It Is To Date A Recognized Heat Preservation, Thermal Insulation And Sound Absorption Materials With Excellent Properties. It Has Found Wide Applications. Fuerda Council, Felt And Pipe Products Made Of These Materials Have Been Used In Heat Preservation, Thermal Insulation And Sound Absorption In Construction, Chemical Industry, Electronics Industry, Electricity, Metallurgy, Energy And Transportation Industries, Presenting Excellent Results. 2. Last: Non-Flammable No Feint Smell No Harm To Human Body Environme

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