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Blanket Glasswool
Blanket Glasswool
Blanket Glasswool
Blanket Glasswool
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Specification of Blanket Glasswool

Product Specifications: 

Glasswool Blanket Category 
Our Standard Package: Vacuum Compressed Packaging In Plastic Bags And Plastic Bags. 
To Increase The Loading Quantity And Reducing The Cost Of Transportation, All Exported Glass Wool Blanket Would Be Packed Vacuum. However, Because A Good Rebound Property, When It Reached Our Goal Glass Wool Will Rebound Almost To The Original Level Within 24 Hours After Demolished. 

Loading Quantity Per 40Ft HQ (Unfaced) 
10Kg/M3-15M * 1.2M * 50Mm 920 Rolls 
10Kg/M3-20M * 1.2M * 50Mm 630 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-10M * 1.2M * 50Mm 1,200 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-12M * 1.2M * 50Mm 950 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-14M * 1.2M * 50Mm 750 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-15M * 1.2M * 50Mm 750 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-20M * 1.2M * 50Mm 530 Rolls 
12Kg/M3-30M * 1.2M * 50Mm 340 Rolls

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