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Glasswool Board Building

Information :
Parterre glasswool Silk-Like Material Is Made By Fiberization In TEL process and spraying of Thermoset Resins. With More Depth Treatment Of Thermal Settings, Materials It Can Be Made Being a Series of Products Fuerda Multi-Purpose. It Features Many Advantages: It is a Non-Flammable, No Toxic, And Against Corrosion Resistant; Have a Low Humidity Levels And Hydrophobic Good. It Is To Date With Wildlife Sanctioned Heat, Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption Materials With A Very Good Personality. Things It Has Found Application Size. Fuerda board, Felt And Pipe Products Made From Ingredients It Has Been Used In Preservation Heat, Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption In Construction, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Electronic, Electrical, Metallurgical, Energy and Transportation Industries, Presents Results of Its Very Good.
Wool Board Glass Building Insulation Materials
1. Standard Size
Density: 10kg / m3, 12kg / m3, 15 kg / m3, 20 kg / m3, 24kg / m3, 32kg / m3, 48kg / m3, 60kg / m3, 80kg / m3
Length: 2.4, 6m, 8m, 10m, 14m,
Width: 1200mm, 600mm20m, 25m
Thickness: 25mm-185mm
2. Applications
heat preservation of building steel structures,
Heat insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy.
For room partition walls, train compartments,
To cool decisions and high-rise buildings are required to be fire-resistant, heat resistant and sound insulation.
There are many types of materials encountered for your choice, such as:
Aluminum --Pelapis
--Kraft Paper
--Non Woven Cloth
--Fiberglass Cloth.
For special applications, also may face an antibacterial and anti-corrosion materials.


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