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Board Glasswool Insulation
Board Glasswool Insulation
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Product Specifications :

Categories Glasswool Insulation Board
Description :
Sinroad Glasswool Is A Silk Material - Such As Those Made By Fiberization In The TEL Process And Spraying Of Thermosetting Resins . By Further Deep Processing Of Thermal Setting , This Material Can Be Made Into A Series Of Multi - Purpose Products Fuerda . It Features Many Advantages : It Is Non - Flammable, Non-Toxic , And Resistant To Corrosion ; Have Low Humidity Levels And Good Hydrophobicity . It Is To Date A Recognized Heat Preservation , Thermal Insulation And Sound Absorption Material With Excellent Properties . It Has Found Wide Applications . Fuerda Council , Felt And Pipe Products Made ​​Of These Materials Have Been Used In Heat Preservation , Thermal Insulation And Sound Absorption In Construction , Chemical Industry , Electronics Industry , Electricity , Metallurgy , Energy And Transportation Industries , Presenting Excellent Results .
2.Characteristic :
Non - Flammable No Feint Smell
No Harm To Human Body
Environmentally Friendly Energy-Saving OEM Available .
Material Can Be Cut At Random According To The Construction Requirement.It Mainly Used In The Following Aspects : Building Rooms , Noise Reduction Systems , Means Of Communication , Equipment Cooling , Damping And Sound Absorption And Noise Reduction In Household Electrical Appliance , Which Has The Effect Satisfatory .



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