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Specification of Tube Rockwool

Rockwool Tube

Information :
Shell Stone Wool Pipe Made From Natural Basalt As Main Material Being Made Man-Made Fibers Inorganic Centrifuges With Quickly After High Temperature Melts, And At The Same Adds Specialty Adhesives And Dust Laid Oils. Things It Can Be Created Being Different Rock Wool Heat-Preserving Shell Pipe With Different Specifications and Requirements With Heating And Strengthening. Also, Can Rock Wool Composite Alumina Silicate Glass With Wooland Woolinto Shell Heat-Preserving Pipe.

Product Description:
Fire tube is rigid, pre-formed cylindrical portion of rockwool insulation specifically engineered to provide cellulosic fire protection for structural steel of circular section, and to process the sprinkler and plumbing services. In addition to fire protection Fire tubes provide high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.
• Range of wall thickness to accommodate the specific iron, pipes and the content fails temperature pipes and CHS produced according to 610mm outside diameter size
• Non-combustible (A1 in accordance with EN 13501) -1)
• Simple to install
• thermal and acoustic insulation is excellent
• Moisture resistant (weather should be protected for external use)
• Proven in use for more than 40 years

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